Seduction meets tradition: Raboso Fiore Paladin wears a new dress

Raboso Fiore – Red Sparkling Wine

A new packaging for a unique red wine, Raboso Fiore Paladin. The similarity to the Paladin sparkling family wine enhance its identity, represented by a fruity taste and a great pleasure in drinkability, enriched by a delicate perlage.

Raboso Fiore Paladin is one of Paladin bestsellers, it comes  from passion and experience. Its bubbles, rich in its distinctive foam in the glass, are the ambassadors of its unforgettable scents and its lively taste.

Savory and dry, with long fruity persistence, Raboso Fiore Paladin is irresistible to the palate, with balanced tannin. Inseparable companion for lunch and dinner, with pizza or snacks. Perfect with grilled and roasted meat or fish dishes.

Raboso Fiore represents the tradition of the Veneto region, rich of history, flavors and scents. A lively sparkling wine, with a long and fruity persistence, a delicate taste and an inviting foam that makes every glass irresistible.