Wine pitchers from ancient Roman times can still be found in the clay loam soils of the Veneto region. This is where the Paladin family started writing their vine and wine story as far back as 1962. A story that has the fragrance of the nearby Prealps and of the Adriatic sea, told in a dimly-lit, generous wine cellar.
Backed by 50 years’ experience and a lively, passionate relationship with its land, Paladin is synonymous of wine-making creativity handed down from father to son and of a rare ability to enhance the best of the character of wines through rigorous wine-making processes that have become increasingly more sustainable and respectful of raw materials over time.

This is where the CASA PALADIN winery centres its wine-making team, sets up Research & Development projects with experts of the Universities of Padua and Milan and fosters an ongoing dialogue with the market and with the future. This is where the strategic heart of the company is located, a heart that beats with an unadulterated family passion for wine, marked by a tradition that is always abreast of the times.