Friuli – Veneto


Since many years Casa Paladin pursues sustainable cultivation practices, with the opinion that “90% of wine is made in vineyards” and we should understand, respect and enhance what nature gives us.
The project of “Reasoned Viticulture” has been undertaken considering this philosophy. The vineyard is valued as an ecosystem to be handled in a careful and rational way in order to preserve the biodiversity of the territory, ensure qualitative productivity and protect consumer’s and environment’s health.
This process continues and consolidates itself, with structural innovations brought into the overall system “Vineyard-cellar”.

The quality of each wine has the aim for excellence, respecting Mother Earth and being responsible for the future. A virtuous circle summarised by four keywords: vine (Vite), green (Verde), wine (Vino), life (Vita).
Bosco del Merlo wines are produced with the philosophy and passion of a family that has always been able to combine tradition and innovation: with the aim of achieving a quality capable of expressing the uniqueness and shades of the territory.