The harvest 2018 has officially begun!

10th August 2018: the harvest has officially begun at Casa PaladinCastello Bonomi has been the first to open the season, because of the particular climate that characterize the southern side of Franciacorta, which allows us to anticipate the harvest. Here our experts confirm the perfect balance between sugar and acidity reached by the Pinot Nero grapes for sparkling wines. In Annone Veneto, in the vineyards of Bosco del Merlo and Paladin, the harvest will begin the 13th August. Around 20th August the grapes of Pinot Bianco, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay will be ripe and the ones for Prosecco wines by the end of this month. As usual, the harvest of Casa Paladin will close in Tuscany with the precious Chianti of Castelvecchi, which grapes won’t be picked before the end of September. Two months of hard work in vineyards, in three different parts of Italy, to reach the best for our products.

With caution, we can express our satisfaction: this season has the potencial to give us important wines. The different on the temperature between day and night confirms the good level of sugar that exalts the deepness of primary scents. The good level of rain provides a healthy grapes with a great balance in the production of leaves of the vineyard. Our “plant by plant” coltural approach, the key of our model of “reasoned agricolture”, let us to reach the highest possible level for our wines. The careful fragmentation of our production, ensures high standards of efficiency and quality. It’s going to be a rich and precious production, with high longevity and savoury notes.

We’are glad to invite you the 22 of September from 10.00 am at the “Harvest Party” to celebrate this magic moment in Annone Veneto in our venue of Casa Paladin. You’ll share with us a lot of activities we propose like vineyards tours, grapes pressing, wine tasting of our four lands and plenty more.


You’re all, naturally, welcome!