First Day of harvest at Castelvecchi!

Today, on Friday 22nd September, at the beginning of Autumn, the 2017 Harvest started at Premiata Fattoria di Castelvecchi. We are at the ‘reckoning’ of a difficult year, marked by a prolonged drought, which we have faced with the strict quality principles that inspire our company: we are committed to combating this extraordinary climate with irrigation from the first days of June until the end of August, put into practice thanks to the strong and constant commitment of those who work in the vineyard, who dedicate care and passion to these precious vines .
Today the harvest is opened with the collection of Merlot, and then continue with a first harvest of sangiovese, taking only the grapes that have benefited from more solar exposure and have already arrived at perfect maturity.  The grape left on the plants will be devoted to a second harvest, scheduled for mid-October.
Quality this year will be very high, thanks to the high temperatures of the day which have helped to ripen and the alternation of fresh temperatures of night and morning. The exposure of vineyards, which is between 600 and 700 m above sea level, has an exceptional “Natural Air conditioning”. The thermic excursion improves the phenolic composition of the grapes and increases their aromatic characteristics.