Friuli – Veneto


Every great story starts with a great dream: the Bosco del Merlo estates are CASA PALADIN’s dream come true. This is where the winery watched an ambitious agronomic project come to life and grow. This is where “reasonable viticulture farming” – which employs chemical products only when strictly needed – was born into the warmth of a family atmosphere. This innovative cultivation method made it possible to restore the lands of the Bosco del Merlo estates to their original excellent condition, respecting the natural features of the location and paying great attention to the company’s carbon footprint to achieve total excellence encompassing health, environmental friendliness and economic and social sustainability.

This satisfying experience has produced wines from single grape varieties, some of which are native, that stand out for the elegance and character that have won them awards and prestige in Italy and all over the world. A Prosecco is produced here from plants cultivated one at a time in low-yield vineyards.
Casa Paladin’s “Rennaissance” started in this garden vineyard: a method and a style that has been successfully exported and perfected in the Chianti and Franciacorta estates.